secret de fromage #279:
When Charlemagne first tasted Brie he loved 
it so much he demanded two cartloads.

Called the King of Cheeses, Brie is one of the best-known cheeses of France. Its soft, creamy texture, mellow flavor and rich aroma make it a crowd-pleaser on bread and crackers or melted in an omelet. Try Brie with light, fruity red wines or crisp whites.

Origin Île-de-France, France

Production & Aging Aged at least 4 weeks

Appearance A pale, straw-colored paste and a thin rind of white mold

Taste & Texture Soft and creamy with full, mellow flavor and rich aroma

Wine Pairing Suggestions Beaujolais

Beer Pairing Suggestions Bière de Garde, Farmhouse Ale, Saison, Sour

Similar Cheeses Camembert, Coulommiers