secret de fromage #279:

When Charlemagne first tasted Brie he loved 
it so much he demanded two cartloads.

Called the King of Cheeses, Brie is one of the best-known cheeses of France. Its soft, creamy texture, mellow flavor and rich aroma make it a crowd-pleaser on bread and crackers or melted in an omelet. Try Brie with light, fruity red wines or crisp whites.

Origin Île-de-France, France

Production & Aging Aged at least 4 weeks

Appearance A pale, straw-colored paste and a thin rind of white mold

Taste & Texture Soft and creamy with full, mellow flavor and rich aroma

Wine Pairing Suggestions Beaujolais

Beer Pairing Suggestions Bière de Garde, Farmhouse Ale, Saison, Sour

Similar Cheeses Camembert, Coulommiers

Recipes Featuring Brie

Brie Fritters with Tomato Coulis
Kale Salad with Brie
Spinach Sticks with Brie
Tart with Brie and Fresh Herbs
Brie Grilled Cheese

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