This prized Spanish blue is so popular it has its own holiday. Every Sunday, on the last day of August, the village of Arenas de Cabrales holds a festival dedicated to this iconic cheese. Cabrales is often served with fruit, which helps offset its intensity.

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Origin Spain

Production & Aging 3 months

Appearance mold ripened withnumerous blue marblings and punctuated with irregular holes.

Taste & Texture Strong, penetrating aroma and sharp, acidic, slightly salty taste. Creamy cheese.



  • 1 soft cheese
  • 1 semi-soft cheese
  • 1 hard cheese
  • 1 blue cheese


  • Allow the cheese to come to room temperature before serving. It should take around an hour. Slice and arrange your cheese clockwise from mild to strong. Garnish with fruit, nuts and sliced baguette. 

Serves: 4