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Produced in three sizes of differing ages, Cantal's tangy, buttery taste varies with its age. Younger versions are sweet, while the more aged Cantals have a stronger, hazelnut-tinged flavor. Melted into casserole dishes, Cantal goes well with bold, fruity red wines or even Champagne.

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Origin Auvergne, France

Production & Aging Produced in three sizes of differing ages (30 days, 2–6 months, and more than 6 months)

Appearance Firm to the touch with a soft yellow (young) or gray-gold rind

Taste & Texture Semi-hard texture; young cheese is sweet while the more aged cheese has a stronger, hazelnut-tinged flavor

Wine Pairing Suggestions Beaujolais, Champagne, Merlot, White Bordeaux

Similar Cheeses Abondance, Comté



  • 1 soft cheese
  • 1 semi-soft cheese
  • 1 hard cheese
  • 1 blue cheese


  • Allow the cheese to come to room temperature before serving. It should take around an hour. Slice and arrange your cheese clockwise from mild to strong. Garnish with fruit, nuts and sliced baguette. 

Serves: 4