shah OORS

Chaource is soft and creamy with a somewhat earthy flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Try Chaource as an appetizer with a semi-dry white wine or Champagne.

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Origin Champagne, France

Production & Aging Made in miniature wheels and aged 2 to 4 weeks

Appearance Small wheels with a white, flowery rind and pale yellow paste

Taste & Texture Smooth when young, creamy when aged. Fully matured wheels are nutty and a bit salty.

Wine Pairing Suggestions Chablis, Champagne, Sancerre



  • 1 soft cheese
  • 1 semi-soft cheese
  • 1 hard cheese
  • 1 blue cheese


  • Allow the cheese to come to room temperature before serving. It should take around an hour. Slice and arrange your cheese clockwise from mild to strong. Garnish with fruit, nuts and sliced baguette. 

Serves: 4