Cheddar is the most widely known, produced and enjoyed cheese. Before it became a worldwide hit, England was the only place where Cheddar cheeses were made. It has a creamy, sharp flavor that's both great to cook with as well enjoy on its own.

Origin England

Production & Aging The cheese is matured in a dry cellar for six months

Appearance Cheddar is cylinder-shaped with a 35 cm height and weighs between 30 and 35 kg. Smooth and even rind Chessar is slightly waxy with and homogeneous interior despite its natural granulation

Taste & Texture Firm and oily with some degree of suppleness, pronounced, slight piquancy

Wine Pairing Suggestions Sancerre

Beer Pairing Suggestions American Amber Lager, Barley Wine, Imperial Stout, IPA

Similar Cheeses Cantal, Laguiole, Salers

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