With origins traced back to the 11th century, Gorgonzola is one of the world's oldest blue cheeses. This sharp blue can be enjoyed in plenty of different ways. It's as good in pastas and risottos as it is melted on pizzas.

Origin Italy

Production & Aging Today, Gorgonzola is primarily produced in the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. Gorgonzola is typically aged for 3-4 months before it's enjoyed

Appearance Gorgonzola is shaped as a cylinder with a diameter of 25 to 30cm, with a height of 16 to 20cm and a weight of between 6 and 12kg

Taste & Texture Gorgonzola can be mild and creamy as well as piquant, which means that the range of flavors varies

Wine Pairing Suggestions Merlot

Beer Pairing Suggestions Porter, Stout

Similar Cheeses Bleu de Gex, Fourme d'Ambert, Roquefort

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