This Dutch delight is so popular that it accounts for nearly 60% of the world's cheese consumption. It has a complex, nutty flavor, smooth texture and pairs as well with a cold beer as it does with wine.

Origin The Netherlands

Production & Aging It can be matured between 3 and 18 months

Appearance Gouda is shaped into a small smooth, glossy wheel, with a convex sides, with a diameter of 26 to 30cm, a thickness if 7.5cm and a weight of 3 to 5cm. The pâté is compact without holes

Taste & Texture Hard, depending on age. And the taste goes from nutty to piquant depending on age

Wine Pairing Suggestions Beaujolais

Beer Pairing Suggestions Brown Ale, Doppelbock

Similar Cheeses Edam, Mimolette

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