Large Aged Chèvre Log

These distinctive cheeses are made in three-to-four pound logs and usually sold to consumers as thick slices. Characterized by an enticing dual texture, they are ideal as a cheese plate centrepiece, or warmed and served with a drizzle of honey and crusty French bread.

Origin Nouvelle-Aquitaine in Western France

Production & Aging After the curds are drained, they are molded into logs four to five inches in diameter and inoculated with penicillium mold. The logs are aged for five to 10 weeks

Appearance A downy, lightly textured rind surrounds a thick ivory cream line and a bright white, semi-firm center

Taste & Texture Mild yet tangy and complex; the rich, luscious cream line—which becomes runnier as the cheese ages—contrasts luxuriously with the fresh, lemony center

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