mee moh let
secret de fromage #356:
Nutty but also fruity, Mimolette is a hard cheese with a French accent. That is, it’s deliciously complex.

The sharp, nutty, fruity taste of Mimolette also includes sweet hints of butterscotch. Its brilliant orange color makes it the focus of any cheese platter. Try Mimolette with a rustic red wine or ale.

Origin Pas-de-Calais, France

Production & Aging A pressed, cooked cheese of four different ages—3, 6, 12, or 24 months

Appearance Hard and in the shape of a cannonball (about 8" in diameter) with a unique, pitted, crusty rind of brownish color tinged with orange

Taste & Texture Hard and orange, when aged the paste has a complex, nutty-fruity flavor with hints of butterscotch

Wine Pairing Suggestions Cahors

Beer Pairing Suggestions Belgian Triple, Bock, Porter, Stout