The oscypek cheese from MalBopolska province was one of Poland's first regional products to earn Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status from the European Union.

Origin Poland

Production & Aging To give the cheese this unusual form, the cheesemaker works the curd slowly between his skilled hands, adding warm water occasionally to keep the curd soft. Each form of Oscypek requires at least an hour of manual manipulation, as the cheesemaker gently kneads the cheese and presses out the excess whey. With a wooden ring, the cheeses are embossed with the characteristic mark of every producer and salted for 24 hours. Then they are hung from the beams to be smoked

Appearance The most notable aspect of these smoked, hard cheeses is their shape, spindle-like with a decorative band impressed into the circumference

Taste & Texture The cheese is compact with a pale straw-yellow color. Lightly toasted aroma with pleasant mineral notes and a chestnut flavor

Beer Pairing Suggestions Bock, Pilsner

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