pohn lay vek
secret de fromage #168:
With a strong aroma and a full-bodied flavor, some say Pont l’Évêque smells like a whiff of the Norman countryside.

With buttery, savory flavors and hints of tangy fruit, Pont-l'Évêque is similar to Livarot and is an excellent choice to serve before or after a meal. Enjoy Pont-l'Évêque with Champagne, medium-bodied whites, hard cider, or apple brandy.

Origin Normandy, France

Production & Aging Soft-ripened, washed rind, aged 6 weeks

Appearance Square shape, washed white rind with slight orange-brown coloring, and a creamy, pale-yellow paste

Taste & Texture Soft with a smooth, round flavor, fine texture, and a pungent aroma like buttered popcorn

Wine Pairing Suggestions Calvados

Beer Pairing Suggestions Double IPA, IPA, Stout

Similar Cheeses Livarot

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