Queso Manchego

queso manchego

A hard, buttery cheese, Manchego originates in the region of La Mancha, which also happens to be the home of Don Quixote. Produced from sheep's milk, Manchego is pleasant and creamy on the tongue. The grass moulds it is made in give Manchego its signature thatched rind.

Origin Spain

Production & Aging N/A

Appearance This greenish moldy surface is occasionally covered in olive oil. Inside, the ivory white to pale yellow paste is firm, elastic and slightly grainy, with small, irregular holes. As Roncal ages, the beige interior turns to amber and becomes increasingly tangy

Taste & Texture It has a sweet, herbaceous flavor, thanks to the natural pastures of wild grasses, herbs and flowers on which the sheep graze

Beer Pairing Suggestions Dunkel, Kolsch Ale, Lager, Pilsner

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